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Marvelous Mouse Coin Combo

Fill your pots with gold in Marvellous Mouse Coin Combo!

You can play on any of your favourite platforms!

Above the reels are 3 bowls, Blue, Red and Green. There are 3 different coins that land on the reels, one for each pot.

If a coin lands in one of the bowls, then there is a chance of the bowl triggering. The Blue and Green bowls trigger Free Spins whilst the Red bowl triggers the Jackpot Pick feature.

Jackpot Pick Feature

15 coins will be shown on the display, and you’ll be able to select them by clicking on their position.

Coins can reveal Fu Baby symbols or Upgrade symbols – three matching Fu Babies will award the corresponding jackpot.

Free Spins Feature

If you trigger Free Spins instead of the Jackpot Pick – you’ll be granted six Free Spins plus extra Free Spins that are on the coin, or a cash prize.

Element coins may also award the Jackpot Pick feature too!