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Kong Wonder Wilds

Descend into the heart of the jungle, with Kong Wonder Wilds, where the game’s Wilds are as mighty as the beasts that roam the reels, perfect for a winning adventure like never before!

Get ready to go bananas as six or more Wilds in the base game activate the untamed Wild Win & Spin Bonus.

Players will be granted three lives to snatch up as many sticky wilds as they can, ensuring their experience through the jungle is nothing short of exhilarating!

Watch out for the two extra special wilds that prowl the base game. One activates line multipliers in the bonus, while the other unleashes extra Wild Win Spins, offering players a wild ride!

And when these two mighty wilds unite and are activated together, brace yourself for a jungle showdown like no other.

At least two Wild Win Spins and line win multipliers are awarded at the climax of the bonus.

Wild Win and Spin

When six or more Wild symbols land in view during the base game, the Wild Win & Spin Bonus is activated. All wins are paid.

Any X Power symbols that are present convert to a 2X wild multiplier symbol. Any Spin Power symbols that are present add one to the number of Wild Win Spins.

All Wild symbols lock in place for the duration of the Wild Win & Spin Bonus. Three spins are awarded. The reels then spin and land. Only Wild symbols or blank symbols can land. Any new Wild symbols that land also lock in place for the duration of the Wild Win & Spin Bonus.

If a new wild symbol lands in view, the spins are reset to three. If no new wild symbols land in view, the number of spins decreases by one.

If X Power is active, multiplier wilds may land and have a 2X, 3X, 5X, or 10X multiplier value.

If Spin Power is active, Spin Power symbols may land and will add one to the number of Wild Win Spins.

Once the number of spins is zero, or the screen is filled with wild symbols, the collector phase of the bonus ends.

If the screen is filled with Wild symbols, the player is awarded 25X the six-of-a-kind Wild symbol award. This is awarded for each Wild Win Spin that has been accumulated.

If the screen is not filled with Wild symbols, the Wild symbols in view remain locked in place and the player is awarded the number of Wild Win Spins that have been accumulated.

The reels spins and land. All symbols can land except for blank symbols and wilds. The win from this spin is then paid.

The total win of any line with one or more multiplier on it has the win multiplied by the sum of those multipliers.

The number of Wild Win Spins decreases by one. This process repeats until no Wild Win Spins are left.