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Sink into KingFisher, a 5 reel, 4 row slot.

The objective of the game is to spin the reels so the symbols land in different combinations. Winning combinations are highlighted on the reels and a payout is awarded.

Bonus Feature

Above each reel is an egg. When a Kingfisher lands on a reel, it pecks the egg above that reel and may crack it open. The Eggs on reels 1, 2, 4, and 5 have separate symbol enhancements that can be combined if more than one is triggered simultaneously.

The Golden Egg on reel 3 awards free spins with all enhancements available, and a chance to increase the enhancement values before the free spins start. Cracking an egg triggers 10 free spins with the enhancement of any cracked egg added. Fish symbols with values are added to the reels during Free Spins, alongside any active upgrade symbols.

Whenever a Kingfisher is present on the reels it collects all values in view, except during the respin, where it collects the values at the end of the respin session.

Any winnings are determined by the value of the special symbol at the end of each free spin. Winnings are automatically collected at the end of this Bonus.

The maximum win amount is limited to 5300x bet. If the total win of a Bonus Feature reaches or exceeds the maximum win amount, only the limit amount is awarded and the feature ends. All bets played are the same as the spin that triggered this bonus.

Feature re-triggers are not possible during the Bonus Feature.

Multiplier Enhancement

Starts on x1, then upgrades by 1 for every special X symbol that lands in the feature. This enhancement multiplies the value of every Fish symbol or upgraded symbol during a Kingfisher collection. The maximum value available with the Multiplier enhancement is 5x.

Adder Enhancement

Starts on 0, then adds 1x the stake for every special + symbol that lands in the feature. This enhancement adds the value displayed in the box below the egg, to every Fish symbol or upgraded symbol during a Kingfisher collection. The maximum value available with the Adder enhancement is 5x the stake.

Golden Egg Feature

All enhancements are active and before the feature starts, there is a chance to increase the enhancement values.

Symbol Upgrade

Starting with the 10 symbol, adds a monetary value to a lowest paying symbol for every Arrow Up symbol that lands in the feature. Each landed Arrow Up symbol highlights an additional royal symbol in the box on the egg, progressing from 10 to, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The monetary value added to any royal symbols is present for the duration of the feature and is collected during any Kingfisher collection.

Respin Upgrade

Every Heart symbol that lands adds a heart to the box on the respin egg. Each Heart represents a chance in the feature.

Whenever a Kingfisher symbol lands on the reels, the Kingfisher symbol and all Fish and Upgraded symbols stick, and the remaining positions spin on their own. Every new Fish and Upgraded symbol sticks. For every spin that does not land any new Fish or Upgraded symbols, a chance is taken away.

The respin ends when all chances are depleted, or all positions are filled with Fish or Upgraded symbols. After the respin ends, the number of chances resets to the amount displayed at the beginning of the last respin session.

There are no paylines active during the respin feature.