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King Carrot

King Carrot is a fruit-and-veggie themed slot filled with adorable characters.

It features the King Carrot, who replaces other symbols with Carrot symbols to take over the whole grid and create the big wins!

The game is cluster-win based, has a 7x7 grid and a max win of 10,000 times your bet!


King Carrot

Every time you land a King Carrot symbol a random lower paying symbol will be selected to be replaced.

All symbols of the selected type will be replaced by carrot symbols. Land multiple King Carrot symbols to replace more than one symbol in the same spin.

Every spin that a King Carrot symbol lands you get a respin!

Epic King Carrot

When a Carrot replacement happens, one to three Epic King Carrots have a chance to appear to replace an existing Carrot symbol. Each Epic King Carrot triggers a multiplier that will drop on a randomly selected Carrot symbol.

The multipliers will only affect a winning cluster of carrots and will multiply the win of the cluster with the multiplier value.

If you land two or more multipliers on the same winning cluster their values will first be added and then multiply the win.

The multipliers can have these values: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x or 100x.

Carrot Carnage

If you land three or more FS-symbols the Carrot Carnage bonus game starts. In this bonus game you start with 10 free spins.

All symbols replaced by the King Carrot will be kept progressively throughout the feature and just like in the base game you will be awarded a respin if a King Carrot symbol lands on a spin.

Bird Attack

The Bird Attack happens after you see the bird shadow over the game. The bird(s) will sweep in and remove a row and/or column of symbols to make way for new ones to drop in.

The bird(s) removes at least one and up to all rows and/or columns.

Wild symbols and FS symbols are not removed.

Special Symbols

The Wild symbol substitutes for all High or Low paying symbols when calculating wins.

The King Carrot and Epic King Carrot symbols substitute for Carrot symbols when calculating wins.