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Katmandu X

Temple of Clouds is home to the last Golden Tree in existence.

With a trunk of gold and coins as leaves, one must lure its guardian creatures in order to touch it an become blessed with eternal luck.

Katmandu X is a 6 column, 6 row fortunate slot with dropping symbols and cluster wins. It comes with a progressive multiplier, big symbols, multiplier wilds, exploding wilds, a bonus game and a super bonus game.


X-iter allows players to jump straight into the action with 5 different game modes ranging from a 2x bet with more than double the chance to trigger the bonus game, to a 500x bet Super Bonus which guarantees a Super Wild Strike in every free drop.

Progressive Multiplier

Every win increases the total multiplier and applies to all upcoming wins.

Katmandu X Wilds

Every winning cluster generates a wild symbol.

Wild Split

Wild symbols that connect to multiple clusters split into each cluster.

Wild Merge

Multiple wilds in a winning cluster merge into a multiplier wild.

Wild Strike & Super Wild Strike

The Wild Strike can happen in any drop, and randomly replaces symbols with wilds or exploding wilds.

The Super Wild Strike replaces symbols with only exploding wilds or multiplier wilds.

Bonus Game & Super Bonus Game

3 bonus symbols trigger the bonus game.

The progressive multiplier is persistent throughout the bonus game, and additional free drops can be triggered.

1 Super bonus symbol and 2 bonus symbols trigger the Super bonus game with a guaranteed Super Wild Strike in every free drop.