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Jumbo Jellies

Jumbo Jellies is a big ’n bouncy 6x3 slot set in a sugary fantasy land to rival even those owned by other notable chocolate factory owners!

In Jumbo Jellies, matching pairs on a win line trigger the Jumbo Pop where the trigger pair will turn wild, the entire row will go colossal and more win lines are added.

This starts a win streak landing more win pairs pops more Jumbo Rows - when all 3 rows are jumbo then each new win in the streak gets +1 win multiplier, which can result in some super-long streaks and crazy win potential!

Win up to 18 free spins via the Scatter Game, then play Jelly Free Spins where the Jumbo Rows are not reset for the duration of the bonus!

This can see our sweetie machine crank out whopping wins of up to the x5432 max win!

Jumbo Row Pops

Any win that contains a matching pair of winning symbols within one of the 9 reel segments will trigger a Jumbo Row Pop.

The entire row will turn from 6 small symbols, to 3 Jumbo symbols, and the trigger pair will turn into a Jumbo Wild.

This will also start Win Streak Respins. During Win Streak Respins triggering pairs of winning symbols on non-colossal rows will cause more Jumbo Row Pops.

When all rows are Jumbo the spin will pay at x1 then additional respins in the streak will have a Win Multiplier that increases by 1 on each new respin.

More win lines are added to the game every time a row goes colossal.