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Jeff & Scully

Jeff and his buddy Scully have taken a trip to the desert to have a “party”.

When they sit on their brought sofa under the starry sky of the desert, Scully realizes that the universe is expanding. And Jeff gets a great idea for a game ...

Jeff & Scully is a game with 7 columns and 7 rows, dropping symbols with a redrop functionality. Wins are triggered by 4 matching symbols appearing in the corners of a rectangular area anywhere in the game grid.

The win is based on the size of this area. The Jeff and Scullly symbols come with extra features. Jeff generates wins for all the symbol types in an area while Scully generates more win areas.

Multiplier symbols in a win area will multiply the area win. Several multipliers will add together. Instant pay coins award an instant payout.

Collecting 3 bonus symbols within winning areas triggers the bonus game free drops where the multiplier and instant pay symbols are kept sticky to the end of the bonus game.

Collecting 4 bonus symbols will trigger the super bonus game where the multiplier and instant pay symbols are increased for every new free drop. Bonus games can retrigger.

Bonus Game

Bonus symbols in a winning area are collected.

3 collected bonus symbols trigger the bonus game with 10 free drops. The multiplier and instant pay coins remain sticky in place between each free drop within the bonus game. The bonus game can retrigger.

If collecting 4 bonus symbols, the super bonus game is awarded where the multiplier and instant pay symbols are increased by their start value for every new free drop.