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Hippo Pop

Influenced by Oaxacan arts and Alebrijes visions, HippoPop is a vibrant reverie where African chimeras come to life!

Sculpted totem, saturated landscapes, and shiny pops, each and every bit of art has been designed to make each win a spectacular tutti-frutti burst!

Best of all – you can play on all your favourite devices!

PopWins Feature

Each winning symbol Pops and is replaced by 2 symbols increasing the reel height. This is repeated as long as there are more wins.

The reels can be expanded to 6 symbols tall in base game and up to 8 symbols tall in Free Spins.

Base Game Unlock Multiplier

Fully increasing all reels to 6 symbols high in Base Game starts a Multiplier count up that lasts until there are no more wins in Base Game and triggers Free Spins after Base Game wins are paid out.

The Multiplier applies to wins during the pre-Free Spins intro bonus and is transferred further into Free Spins!

Bonus Wheel

When entering the pre-Free Spins Bonus Wheel from Base Game, you are rewarded with guaranteed 5 Free Spins. Spinning the wheel has a chance to yield additional rewards:

  • Wheel Level 1: 0–4 Free Spins
  • Wheel Level 2 (only if the first wheel succeeds): 0–5 more Free Spins