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Great Bear

Animal symbols appearing in wins can transform into higher paying symbols for bigger wins!

Sometimes, after the last transformation ends, the Great Bear may emerge from the trees and grant more upgrades allowing the Symbol Climb to continue.

Mystic forces grow and surround every 5-of-a-kind Wild win with a chance to add multipliers on the centre reel – potentially improving other wins!

The Great Bear Bonus awards 5 guaranteed winning spins, with upgrades lasting for the duration of the bonus.

Symbol Climb Feature

The Symbol Climb feature may be triggered on any line win. When the Symbol Climb feature is triggered, the winning symbol may upgrade to the next highest-paying symbol shown on the symbol hierarchy displayed on screen.

All matching symbols on the reels are upgraded. The Symbol Climb feature continues upgrading the winning symbol and any matching symbols until an upgrade fails or successfully upgrades to the Wild symbol.

The Symbol Climb ladder resets at the beginning of the next spin. Wins are evaluated after all symbol upgrades are complete.

Gift of the Great Bear Feature

When the Gift of the Great Bear feature is triggered, the Great Bear appears and causes a Symbol Climb feature that has ended to continue.

The Gift of the Great Bear feature may upgrade winning symbols after at least two successful Symbol Climb upgrades that have not reached the Wild symbol.

Great Bear Multiplier Feature

The Great Bear Multiplier feature is triggered at the end of any base or bonus spin that results in at least one 5-of-a-kind Wild symbol win.

When the Great Bear Multiplier feature is triggered, any Wild symbols on the centre reel that are part of a 5-of-a-kind Wild win will spin at the same time and attempt to upgrade to a 2x Wild symbol.

If successful, these symbols will try to upgrade through 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x, until they fail or successfully reach 10x.

All wins involving any Wild that successfully upgraded are multiplied by the last achieved Wild multiplier.

Great Bear Bonus

The Great Bear Bonus is triggered when three Bonus scatter symbols appear anywhere on reels 2, 3, and 4 in the base game.

Triggering the Great Bear Bonus awards 5 guaranteed winning spins. For each win spin, spin until there is a win. The win spin count only decrements if there is a winning free spin.

During the Great Bear Bonus, all successful Symbol Climb upgrades persist until the bonus is complete.

When a symbol successfully upgrades, it is removed from the ladder and is no longer active. All upgrades are attempted between the current symbol and the next active symbol on the ladder.