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Golden Stallion

Ready to get in the saddle?

Hold your horses! Say howdy to the Golden Stallion!

Sit back and enjoy this thrilling ride. Featuring the ultimate thrill – Ultraways in the Free Spin Bonus game where you can win in 196,608 different ways….

Saddle up and watch the golden spins unwind but watch out for the stampede! These horses can kick up a frenzy to create highlights that hold to the end of the Golden Spins.

Watch in awe as the highlighted symbols all change to one golden symbol then watch the money role in!

Free Spins

Trigger Free Spins and hold on to your reigns, are you feeling lucky?

Watch as the horseshoes spin by, any land in view have a chance of being struck again by that lucky horseshoe creating double symbols but the rides not over, spin again and if those double symbols are hit again watch out for the high paying quads… Yeehaaa let the freebies commence!

Every position on the reel highlighted is linked by the Golden Stallion - watch as this majestic mare rears and stamps it hooves, every spin, linking all those symbols together!

Pay attention as any symbol can land including wilds, and partner if you’re lucky enough, a big payday bonanza is waiting just for you!

Howdy partner – saddle up for some big payouts!