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Diets? Exercise? Not for us.

We hope you're in the mood for food, cos we're flipping the food pyramid upside down!

Bigger is better and moderation is NOT key, so let loose and dig in.


There are 2 types of Scatter symbols: Silver Bell Scatter and Golden Bell Scatter.

Silver Bell Scatter symbols can only land on reels 2-4

Golden Bell Scatter symbols can only land on reel 3, with no more than 1 per spin.

Free spins can be activated by combinations of Silver and Golden Bell Scatter symbols:

  • 3 Silver Scatters = 8 Free spins of "Order Up!".
  • 1 Golden and 2 Silver Scatters = 10 spins of "Double Up!" and an x2 multiplier.
  • 2 Golden and 1 Silver Bell Scatter = 12 spins of "Quadruple Up!" and an x4 multiplier.
  • 3 Golden Bell Scatters = Will award +6 spins and enter "FEDCON 1"

Every Golden Bell adds +2 free spins and increases the current multiplier by x2.

xZone Sauce

Applies +1 multiplier value on every regular paying symbol and Wild adjacent to it; vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Multiple XZ-Sauce can land on the same row but not on the same reel.

During FEDCON 1, XZ-Sauce can only land on the inner reels, applying +1 multiplier for all connected paying symbols

Order Up!

For every Golden Bell landed, "Order Up!" will upgrade and award +2 spins and increases the multiplier by x2.

If a golden Bell lands and the current multiplier is x4 the Order up! will be upgraded to FEDCON 1 and awards +6 spins. Free spins cannot be re-triggered.


Landing 3 Golden Bell Scatters awards +6 spins.

For every new level reached, +2 free spins are awarded, +1 multiplier on Fat Bastard and triggers a respin.

In order to upgrade to upper levels the player needs to collect the following number of winning Symbols:

  • Level 2 = 20
  • Level 3 = 30
  • Level 4 = 40
  • Level 5 = 50

The following winning symbols with their weight will add to the progression bar:

  • Low paying symbol = +1 per winning symbol
  • Medium paying symbols = +2 per winning symbol
  • Wild = +2 per winning symbol

Exceeding collect will be carried over.