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Fruit Blender Mania

Spin ‘n Fuse

  • Random chance to trigger the feature after every spin, where up to 3 kinds of symbols can be mixed and become a single fused symbol including all the symbols that were mixed
  • Each symbol of the same kind of symbol chosen will be transformed into a fused symbol

Free Spins

  • Free Spins can be triggered using symbols on the reels and on the Free Spins Accelerator
  • The trigger does not affect the feature results
  • 5 free spins are awarded
  • Triggering Free Spins with extra symbols (Free Spins symbol on Free Spins Accelerator) awards 5 extra spins for each extra symbol

Scatter prize

  • Scatter prizes can land anywhere on the reels, and only 1 Scatter symbol can land per reel
  • Once there are 2 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, a cash prize will be awarded

Free Spins accelerator

  • During the spins, every scatter symbol that lands, winning and non-winning, is added to the Free Spins Accelerator on top of the reels
  • The Free Spins Accelerator has 3 checkpoints, each represented by a Free Spins symbol
  • Once a certain number of symbols is collected on the Accelerator, the Free Spins feature can be triggered with less symbols, as the Accelerator acts as a Free Spins symbol