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Welcome to the heart of the lush, humid Amazon!

Out in a brightly-lit clearing, a colourful crumbling stone temple wrapped in strangler fig trees and banyans has provided the habitat for a colony of vibrant rainforest frogs.

Frogblox is a slot with dropping symbols on a 6 row by 6 column main grid and a 2 row by 6 column feature shelf.

Bonus Game

Removing all blockers from the main grid triggers the bonus game, awarding 6 free drops. Both the current active global multiplier and the remaining redrops are brought into the bonus game.


Frog eat Frog

A frog pulling down another frog from the feature shelf triggers a collection of all feature symbols from the feature shelf.


All symbols which are part of a win explode and leave space for additional symbol drops. Blocker symbols connected to winning symbols also explode, increasing the ways to win.

Devour symbol

Frogs collect features from the bottom row of the feature shelf and remove blockers if no features can be collected.


X-iter allows players to jump straight into the action with 5 different game modes ranging from a 3x bet with more than four times the chance to trigger the bonus to a 500x bet Super Bonus game with a global multiplier starting at 10x.