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Fly X

Hold out for as long as you can and cash out before your hero flies away!

Crash Betting

Crash betting is a social betting game type with increasing multipliers

The round starts, the multipliers start to increase and can crash at any time while giving players the opportunity to cash out before the hero flies away

Win up to 10,000x

Play and stand a chance to win up to 10,000x your bet with each round!

Autoplay or Auto Cash Out

Auto Cash Out allows players to set a desired Cash Out multiplier value on any of the two bet panels

If the chosen multiplier value is reached, the Auto Cash Out value will be paid

Select Autoplay on either of the bet panels - starts at 100 rounds, decreases with each round of the game, and can be stopped at any time


View the leaderboard located on the right of the screen in landscape mode, and at the bottom of the screen in portrait mode

Sort by all; your bets; and also top wins