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Feeding Fury

Keep your eyes peeled for the sharks!

At any moment throughout the base game, a Shark Attack can occur. During this moment, all the wilds swim on the left eating any fish in their path. Doing this adds in an increasing multiplier leading to bigger wins!

You can play on any of your favourite devices!

Voracious Wilds

When activated, Predator Wild symbols swim to the left of the board, increasing the multiplier of any Wilds they cross, and elevating the core gameplay.

Feed or Die

This Fishy Feature twist awards players lives based scatters. In the feature, a collector appears in the centre and accumulates any fish landed on the board.

With players losing a life when no fish are landed.

Progressive Features

The Feed or Die feature has multiple levels, with each level increase increasing the size of the central collector as a reward for hitting cash value multipliers.