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Dragon Empires Golden Age

Enter an epic world of dragons and gold in this five-reel, 40-payline slot by Infinity Dragon Studios!

Play on any device, for as little as just 40p a spin.

Instant Collect!

Land a 1x3 Wind Dragon symbol on the first reel to win the total value of Link&Win prizes on the reels!


Collect 6 Link&Win symbols to trigger 3 Respins.

Do the same but with a 1x3 Fire Dragon on the first reel to play with 5 Respins – while doing so with a Fire Dragon on the fifth and final reel triggers 3 Respins with expanded reels.

Land the 1x3 Earth Dragon symbol on reel 5, alongside the 6 Link&Win symbols, to trigger 3 Respins with increased Bonus prizes!