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Double Shamrock

Embark on a fortune-filled voyage with Double Shamrock, a charming classic that enchants with its Irish-themed charm.

This 3x3 slot game has 5 fixed lines, boasting scaling jackpots that amplify with an increased bet per line. 1 of 4 Jackpots are triggered when three “Double” 7s align on a payline.

The signature "Double Shamrock" feature spices up the traditional gameplay by introducing special "Double" symbol multipliers.

Jackpots Feature

Engage in the Jackpots Feature, ignited whenever three ‘Double’ 7s land on a payline.

The hue of the 7s determines the tier of the jackpot. Three Gold ‘Double’ 7s unlock the highest jackpot, while three white ‘Double’ 7s reveal the second-tier jackpot.

Similarly, three black ‘Double’ 7s unearth the third-tier jackpot, and any three mixed ‘Double’ 7s award the fourth-tier jackpot.

As the Bet Per Line ascends, so does the potential jackpot value.

Double Feature

The Double Feature is activated when the word ‘Double’ is displayed over any 7 symbol.

Landing three ‘Double’ symbols on a payline strikes a jackpot. Two ‘Double’ symbols on a winning payline quadruples the win.

A single ‘Double’ symbol on a winning payline doubles the win.