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Dead Mans Gold

Kane got his hands on his ancestor’s diary, the notorious pirate Long John Steal, who mentions the location of Tortuga, a hidden colony home to old shipwrecks, unstable cannons and bottomless chests of treasure!

Dead Man’s Gold is a 6 reel, 4 row golden slot. It comes with big symbols, stacked wilds, expanding game grid, a progressive multiplier, a bonus game and a super bonus game, and a max potential of 25,000x bet!


X-iter allows players to jump straight into the action with 5 different game modes ranging from a 5x bet with a guaranteed big symbol, to a 500x bet super bonus with unlimited Cannonballs.

Treasure Target

Treasure Targets shot by the Pirate’s Cannons reveal hidden wild symbols and blow up non-winning symbols around it.

Fire the Cannons!

Cannonballs drop in to activate the Pirate’s Cannons.

Cannons fire when they can target a Treasure Target!

Multiplier Treasure Target

The Multiplier Treasure Target reveals hidden wild symbols, blows up non-winning symbols around itself, and increases the persistent global multiplier.

Bottomless Chest

The Bottomless Chest is a blocking symbol that generates and fills empty spaces in the same column with high-value, wild and cannonball symbols.

Bonus Game

Three or more bonus symbols trigger the bonus game.

The more bonus symbols, the more free drops.

Treasure Targets, Multiplier Treasure Targets, and Bottomless chests are sticky during the bonus game.