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Cossacks The Wild Hunt

A warband of three Cossack heroes enters the dark forest, seeking revenge on the corrupted animals that have haunted their village.

Join their raiding party in search of honour and adventure, step into the jaws of death, and emerge carrying the spoils of the hunt in Cossacks: The Wild Hunt!

Roman, the leader of the warband, is out to avenge his brother. Taras, the weaponsmith, brandishes master-crafted swords that can turn the tide of battle. And Yana, in touch with the spirit realm, moves silently through the trees to get the drop on her foes!

You’ll experience every battle alongside them, with every suspenseful spin and every accompanying cascade, as the party embarks on the Wild Hunt, facing down the boar, the wolf, and the fearsome bear – all under the sway of the forest’s eldritch magic.

Treasures litter the forest floor, with every abandoned pack and every ancient chest holding the potential for a win of up to 10,000X your bet! And the woods themselves will shift around you, powered by WonderWays, creating up to 46,656 ways to win!

WonderWays Feature

Winning combinations are cleared from the reels and replaced with new random symbols. Symbols in the outer zone are also replaced with new random symbols on each cascade.

Every cascade increments the win multiplier by 1. In the Base game the win multiplier resets to 1 after the first non-winning combination.

In the Free Spins the win multiplier kept until the end of the Free Spins game.

Free Spins Feature

Free Spins are played at the triggering bet and start with a 1 win multiplier. Every win will increment the win multiplier by 1.

The win multiplier is unlimited and persistent until the end of the Free Spins. Axe symbols can appear on reels 2, 3, 4 or 5 and every Axe symbol that lands is collected.

3 extra Free Spins will be awarded for every 4 Axe symbols collected.