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Coba Reborn

Wins are formed by Clusters of five or more matching symbols in this 7x7 video slot by ELK Studios!

Play on any device, for as little as just 20p a spin.


After every win, successful symbols are removed from the reels and replaced by new ones – and this continues for as long as new wins are formed.

Snake Meter

Each winning symbol increases the Snake Meter – fill it halfway and get a random number of scattered wilds, while a full meter up awards Snakes!

Snakes eat symbols, including Orchids which each have their own properties, to survive Avalanches.


  • Blood Orchid – spawns a random number of new snakes
  • Hydra Orchid – causes new snakes to grow from the neck of the snake eating the orchid
  • Ouroboros Orchid – multiplier wilds are created
  • Rebirth Orchid – snakes are revived upon death

Wild Multipliers

Snakes crossing each other’s paths creates a x2 multiplier wild!