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Christmas Catch

Santa’s hardworking reindeer are putting in overtime this year, creating a magical opportunity for you with every spin offering the chance of a Sleigh appearing above reels 2 to 5

Un¬cover the surprises Santa has left for you after each reaction, as one or more Gifts Bonus Prizes materialize before your eyes

Excitement builds as you collect these special prizes within each Sleigh, giving you the ultimate Christmas gift

Free Spins

Gather three or more mouthwatering golden pudding Scatters in the Base Game, and you’ll unlock a generous reward of 10 Free Spins

For each Scatter beyond the third, you’ll receive an additional two Free Spins, making the festivities even more delightful

As the clock strikes Christmas Eve, the magic begins, and the first Sleigh sets off with a x1 Sleigh Multiplier, and with each subsequent Sleigh, the multiplier increases by 1

Feel the joy as your Sleigh Multiplier grows, enhancing and multiplying your Gifts Bonus Prizes!

But don’t let the excitement end there - keep the festive spirit alive! By gathering three or more Scatters during your Free Spins, you’ll be gifted with four extra Free Spins

And just like before, for every Scatter beyond the third, you’ll receive an extra two Free Spins, ensuring the festivities continue!