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Cards of Ra Jacks or Better

Play the cards of the Gods and beat the odds!

Cards of Ra Jacks or Better transports you back in time to the height of the Egyptian empire where you have the chance to claim the wealth of the pharaoh for yourself, with payouts reaching up to 20 000!

Challenge Ra, the Sun God to a simple game of cards; any win presents you with the opportunity to double your winnings!

Enjoy a fluid and exciting video poker experience wherever you are - at home, at work or on the move.

Whatever the device, Cards of Ra Jacks or Better looks just as impressive as the Sphinx or the Pyramids of Giza.

Will you stand among the Egyptian pantheon and beat them at their own game?

Double Feature

The object of the Double feature is to select a card of higher value than the dealer’s card.

One dealer card is dealt and flipped face-up. Four player cards are dealt face-down.

Select any of the four face down cards. All four cards are turned face up to reveal their values and the card you selected is highlighted.

If your card is of a higher value than the dealer’s, you win double your original payout and can choose to double again or collect your winnings.

If your card is of equal value to the dealer’s, it is a tie and your win amount remains the same. You can then choose to play again or collect your winnings.

If your card is of a lesser value than the dealer’s, the Double Feature is over. You are returned to the main game and can continue to play a new hand.

You can continue Doubling until you draw a card of lesser value than the dealer’s card and lose the hand, or until you reach the Casino Doubling Limit.

If you reach or exceed the Casino Doubling limit in the Double Feature, your win is automatically collected and you are returned to the main game.