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Beautiful Buggin!

In Buggin’s Botanic Gardens, buzzing bugs blast boogying beats, bonding beneath the blossoms. Wilds blooming, blending beauty and balance. Blessed beings of Buggin!

Buggin is a 7 reel, 7 rows buzzing slot. It comes with wilds, 5 feature wilds, a progress meter, big symbols, redrops, a bonus game, and a super bonus game – all packed into a potential of 10,000x bet.

Bonus Game

3 bonus symbols trigger the bonus game with 7 free drops. Wild Symbols are sticky between free drops.

2 bonus and 1 super bonus symbol trigger the super bonus game where the free drops start with a refill of the max number of unlocked Feature Wilds so far.

Feature Wilds

Each cluster win adds to the progress meter. Once full it collects a Feature Wild symbol which releases when there are no more wins. There are 5 different Feature Wild symbols.

Wild Generation

Each winning cluster generates a wild symbol.

Wild Redrops

Unlock the locked shield to trigger a Wild Redrop with prefilled Feature Wilds.

Wild Merge

Multiple Wild symbols in a winning cluster merge into a multiplier Wild.


X-iter allows players to jump straight into the action with 5 different game modes ranging from a 3x bet with more than triple the chance to trigger the bonus to a 500x bet Super Bonus game with prefilled Feature Wilds.