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Brick Snake 2000

Who needs a body when you’ve got a healthy set of scales?

Slither on by and let’s go back to the time where having a phone made out of glass sounded like a fever dream.

In base game, xWays can land on any reel. Reveals normal paying symbols of size 2-5 or 8110 of the same kind. If there is more than one xWays symbol, then all xWays symbols will reveal the same symbol.

A Wild Snek symbol can land anywhere on reels in the base game. It always moves 1-5 steps in any direction except backwards and those positions will be turned into Wilds. When a Wild Snek symbol moves on the revealed xWays symbol, that position will have Wild symbol of the xWays revealed size.

Snek Spins

Landing 3 or 4 Scatters will trigger Snek Spins. The 3rd and 4th Scatter (if any) will convert to Snek symbols.

Super Snek Spins

Landing 5 Scatter symbols triggers Super Snek Spins. The 3rd and 4th Scatter symbols converts to Sneks.

Collector 2000

Collector 2000 symbol adds the sum of all the visible coin values to its current value in the beginning of each spin.

If a Snek symbol eats the Collector 2000 symbol, the value of the symbol is added to the coin value counter. After updating the coin value counter, the win multiplier at the time of consumption of Collector 2000 is multiplied to the value of the Collector 2000 symbol.

If Snek does not eat the Collector 2000 symbol within 4 steps, the Collector 2000 will disappear for that spin. Regardless of the outcome, the Collector 2000 symbol will show up in the next spin.

Bonus Mode Features

  • Snek - Snek can move in any direction, except backwards. If multiple Sneks, they move one at a time starting with the oldest Snek. If a Snek moves outside the reel area, it will continue on the corresponding side. A Snek keeps moving until it eats itself or a Slayer symbol. If the Snek eats itself, it stops for that spin. On eating itself, the Snek symbol starts from one position before its killing point for the next spin. Spin ends when all Sneks stop. If all Sneks die, the round ends.
  • Coin - Default coin values: 1-5, 10 and 100. If a Snek eats a coin its value is added to the win. All coin values are valued as times the active bet.
  • Multiplier - Multiplier values: 1-5 and 10. If a Snek eats a multiplier, the coin multiplier is increased and applied to the default coin values.
  • Eggs - If a Snek eats an egg, a new Snek head will start moving from the tail position of Sneks that eats the egg. At most, 3 Sneks can be present at the same time.
  • Slayer - They are sticky. There can be atmost 4 of them at the same time. If Snek eats a Slayer symbol, the Snek dies and will not be present for the next spin.
  • Upgrade - If a Snek eats an UP symbol, Snek Spins will be upgraded to Super Snek Spins after the existing round is completed.
  • Max Win - If a Snek eats Max Win symbol, 8110 times the base bet is awarded to the player. The Max Win symbol if not eaten will disappear after 4 Snek steps.

Nolimit Action Spins

Get your adrenaline flowing and play your regular bonus rounds in hyper mode!

‘Action Spins’ is a new optional feature that ushers in an innovative way to play a high volume of rounds of the Base Game or Multiple Bonus rounds in a rapid and exhilarating way.