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Book of Heroes

Welcome to Book of Heroes!

A 5x3 reel set, 10-line slot with one fantastic free spin bonus featuring the Book of Heroes Totem!

Let us take you through a enchanted forest, the battle between Lacplesis and the Dark Knight is not over yet!

With an already well reognised and hugely popular bonus mechanic in the bonus, a random expanding scatter symbol will be awarded on triggering.

There’s also a twist – if you are lucky and land on Lacplesis, then you’ll get the chance to win additional spins and remove a symbol!

Retriggers are possible and will give you another spin of the Totem!


Spin the Totem

Spin the totem for special expanding symbols, extra spins and remove symbols!


Each re-trigger awards an additional spin on the wheel – get multiple expanding symbols!

Free Spins

3 or more bonus book symbols triggers the totem wheel!