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Bars & 7's

Simple but a classic – welcome to Bars and 7s from Inspired Gaming!

Look out for the word BONUS appearing on the reels 1 to 5, as this may reward you with Free Spins or Progressive Pots!

Free Spins Feature

Once the Free Spins feature has been awarded, the player will be taken to a wheel screen. The player must spin the wheel (up to 3 times) in order to collate several free spins to play with.

The number of spins of the wheel is determined by the ‘pick me’ phase prior to this phase. The number of free spins for each spin is accumulated. Once all the spins have occurred, the game will switch to the free spins phase.

There’s also the chance that a random multiplier will come into play during the spins!

Progressive Pots

Throughout the game, when playing base game or fortune spins, the player will be contributing to the three progressive pots displayed on the top screen.

Upon winning the progressive pot game, the player will have the opportunity to win one of these pots.

There’s a Minor Pot, a Major Pot and a Grand Pot!

There’s also a Fortune Spin phase will has four different pay tables the player can choose from!