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Atlantean Gigarise

Rising the reels with each bonus symbol increases the ways to win and awards bonus games!

Rising Reels

With a touch of magic from the ancient trident, each bonus symbol raises the reel it lands on by 1, up to 8 for maximum ways to win!

Bonus symbol landing on a maximum reel will award a bonus game session.

Free Spins Feature

Find 3 Atlantean shell scatters to Launch Free Spins - or find them in bonus round!

In free spins machine will go into overdrive: reels will rise frequently for more ways to win, and bonus games awarded along the way can award more free spins and huge wins!

Bonus Game

Activate the ancient reel mechanism when a bonus symbol lands on a reel of maximum height.

Discover a bronze, silver or gold key, leading to a bonus game chamber! In free spins, activate the same reel twice for a legendary key.

The better the key, the better rewards potential will await behind the bonus mode doors. In bonus game, any single symbol landing on winning row awards with cash win, free spins or Jackpot.


Jackpots can be found in bonus game chamber!

Landing a bonus symbol on a winning row will award the jackpot associated with the reel!