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Area Link Phoenix

Deep in a fabled lava cavern, filled with treasures awaiting discovery, lies the legendary Phoenix protecting her mythic eggs.

Harness the power of fire to hatch the three phoenix birds, all unlocking multiple pathways to wealth!

Hatch the magenta phoenix, unlocking a double array to double your prize potential!

Best of all – you can play on any of your favourite devices.

Area Link Feature

Whenever one or more Fireballs appear there is a chance for Area Link to be triggered.

Each Fireball collects to the egg of the same colour above the reels. The combination of Fireballs that collect when Area Link is triggered determines the Phoenix Upgrades awarded.

3 respins are awarded. All Fireball symbols are locked for the respins. Landing additional Fireball symbols will reset the remaining respins to 3. Filling all positions also awards the Grand jackpot.

Orange Phoenix Upgrade

Every spin a random multiplier of 2, 3 or 5 is awarded.

Yellow Fireball symbols are multiplied one time when they first lock into place.

Magenta Phoenix Upgrade

A second Area Link feature array is awarded.

Each feature array plays out independently of the other array.

The feature ends when each independent array has either completed all spins or filled all positions.

Red Phoenix Upgrade

Red Fireballs appear during this feature. They award an instant collect of all new credit prizes and/or jackpots.

After the completion of the Red Fireball feature, a Yellow Fireball is created in its place.

Multiple Phoenix Upgrade

Area Link is played with all Phoenix Upgrades triggered on a single base spin.

If an Orange Phoenix Upgrade is triggered with a Magenta Phoenix Upgrade, the multiplier determined is used for all new Yellow Fireballs on both arrays.

If an Orange Phoenix Upgrade is triggered with a Red Phoenix Upgrade, the multiplier will apply to the Yellow fireball created after the Red Fireball feature.

If a Red Phoenix Upgrade is triggered with a Magenta Phoenix Upgrade, the Red Fireball only collects values within its own array.