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Area Link Dragon

Embark on an adventurous quest to the captivating realm of a fiery dragon with Area Link Dragon!

Introducing Area Link Dragon, where you’ll come across four mythical dragon eggs, each leading to a distinct trail of fiery riches.

Harness your abilities to reveal their concealed treasures and witness your triumphs ascend to prominence amidst the blazing inferno!

Amass fiery tokens on your thrilling quest to unlock the Dragon’s Hoard in Area Link Dragon. These mythical artifacts wield the fiery essence needed to reveal the concealed wealth within. Each dragon egg presents a myriad of surprises and rewards, transforming every spin into a spectacular journey fuelled by the fiery spirit.

Step into the enchanting realm of Area Link, a captivating twist on the conventional hold and re-spin feature. As you accumulate more fiery tokens, you’ll unlock distinct iterations of the Area Link feature, each attuned to the unique spirit of the dragon hoard.

Unlock the Green Dragon Egg and witness the reels come alive with a random multiplier of up to 5x on every spin. Behold your winnings ascend like a soaring dragon as the multiplier adds an extra blaze of riches to your prizes.

Unlock the Purple Dragon Egg and unleash a double inferno, expanding the playing field and doubling your opportunities to strike it rich. It’s time to revel in a fiery dance with increased chances to win and fill your treasure trove with blazing riches! Unlock the Red Dragon Egg and marvel as red fireballs engulf the reels.

These shimmering fireballs eagerly devour all the prize values, providing extraordinary chances to claim the fiery gold for yourself.

Unlock the Blue Dragon Egg and prepare to be dazzled by the awe-inspiring arrival of a Blue Dragon, poised to ignite an exhilarating cascade of fiery opportunities.

Brace yourself as your winnings are catapulted into a spectacular crescendo of ever-expanding prizes, creating a thrilling whirlwind of excitement. Listen attentively to the triumphant roars of the dragon as they unveil their bountiful rewards.

Area Link Feature

Whenever one or more Fireballs appear there is a chance for Area Link to be triggered. Each Fireball collects to the egg of the same colour above the reels. The combination of Fireballs that collect when Area Link is triggered determines the Dragon Upgrades awarded.

3 respins are awarded. All Fireball symbols are locked for the respins. Landing additional Fireball symbols will reset the remaining respins to 3.

Each Fireball symbol awards a cash prize or jackpot. All prizes are awarded at the end of the feature. The feature ends when all positions are filled or respins are finished. Filling all positions also awards the Grand jackpot.

Dragon Upgrade

  • Green Dragon - Every spin a random multiplier of 2, 3 or 5 is awarded. Yellow Fireball symbols are multiplied one time when they first lock into place.
  • Purple Dragon - Each feature array plays out independently of the other array. The feature ends when each independent array has either completed all spins or filled all positions.
  • Red Dragon - Red Fireballs appear during this feature. They award an instant collect of all Yellow Fireballs. After the completion of the Red Fireball feature, a Yellow Fireball is created in its place.
  • Blue Dragon - Blue Fireballs appear during this feature. The value on Blue Fireballs is added to a random number of Yellow Fireballs. A single Blue Fireball feature can be added to the same Yellow Fireball multiple times. After the completion of the Blue Fireball feature, a Yellow Fireball is created in its place.