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Action Cash Ra's Riches

Crack open the tombs in search of legendary riches. Harness the power of the sun and win up to 5,000x in real cash jackpot prizes.

Action Cash Prize Collect

During play, Prize Orbs can land on the reels and contain a cash value based on your bet level.

When matched with an Action Cash symbol on reel 5, all Prize Orb values are activated and awarded as an instant cash prize. The Action Cash feature can trigger on any spin.

Coloured Chest Modifiers

During play, 3 kinds of Coloured Coins can land on the reels and be collected into 1 of 3 Chest Modifiers.

When collected, the Action Boost bonus game can be activated with the corresponding Chest Modifier/s active for the duration of the feature. Up to all 3 modifiers can be active on the same Action Boost bonus game with the modifiers being:

  • Expanded Reels (Green) - The reels expand to a total of 40 available paylines. When activated, Action Cash symbols can also appear on reel 1.
  • Action Cash Multipliers (Purple) - When the Action Cash feature is activated, it has the chance to add up to 2 free spins or add a multiplier 2x-5x. When the Action Cash symbol collects prizes, it will add its multiplier to all collected values.
  • Jackpot Collect (Red) - Coloured Orbs become available that will correspond to 1 of 4 jackpot prizes. Collect the required number of Coloured Orbs to unlock the corresponding jackpot prize.