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4 Masks of Inca

Are you brave enough to venture into long-lost palaces and tombs in search of mystical treasures?

Grab your explorer’s hat and a torch and see what kind of mysteries and treasures you can unearth. Harness the ancient powers of the colourful elemental masks and win an Inca Battle in 4 Masks of Inca.

You can play on any of your favourite devices.


If you make it safely to the Inca Temple, harness the might of the 4 Inca Masks, powerful relics of the once great Empire; their colours are as dazzling as the poisonous dart frogs that croak in the balmy rainforest heat.

Channel the might of the Masks, draw magical energy from the elements around you and commence fearsome Inca Battle!

Call upon the Red Mask and rain down fire with lava-energy from the Andean Volcanic Belt! Summon the magics of the Purple Mask, as vibrant as the jungle’s spectacular frogs and jewel-coloured beetles (and just as mystical)!

There’s also the Blue Mask, drawing energy from the water all around; calm and still like the glittering Lake Titicaca, or roaring like the raging rivers and thundering waterfalls!

Finally, there is the Green Mask, drawing power from Mother Earth herself!

Free Spins

Land 3 Scatters to trigger Free Spins. 3 Free Spins are awarded.

Land a Wild during Free Spins to reset remaining spins to 3.

Each Wild landed becomes a sticky Wild with a 1x multiplier.

A sticky Wild will remain in the position it landed for the duration of the Free Spins.

For each spin, the multiplier of random sticky Wild is increased by 1.

If a win includes several Wilds, the multiplier values are all multiplied together.

All bets and lines played are the same as the spin that triggered the feature.

Wild Puma Collect

Collect Wild Puma symbols to trigger the Wild Puma Award.

Wilds landed in the base game are collected in the Wild Puma Collect meter.

When this happens, Wild Puma Award can randomly trigger.

A prize of between 10x and 50x will be awarded instantly.

Inca Battle

Trigger the Inca Battle by collecting 3 Inca Battle tokens of each colour.

Once triggered, 5 spins are awarded.

Each Mask grants a prize between 10x and 10000x.

The value of the prize is shown beneath the Mask symbol.

During spins, the Mask symbol landing the most times wins.

The winning Mask symbol prize is awarded.