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3 Tiny Gods Bonanza

Anubis, Bastet, and Horus are back, and they are just as powerful as ever! Join these three little gods and adventure in the ancient Egyptian sands to uncover hidden riches and treasures.

After receiving a mythical map from a strange adventurer, the Great Pharoah seeks your help once more and has tasked you with collecting a powerful, long-forgotten relic.

Last time you heeded the Pharoah’s call, he sought the secrets of the heavens, but this time, the Great Pharoah seeks eternal life and endless youth! With all the wealth in the world at his fingertips, and tombs full of long-forgotten riches, you’re bound to be rewarded handsomely if you heed the call for adventure!

You will need to keep your wits about you, but with the 3 tiny gods behind you, there are no obstacles you can’t overcome.

The powerful bird god, Horus, lights up the skies above with flashes of lightning, the benevolent cat-God, Bastet, prowls the sands, protecting and guiding you through the desert.

And Anubis, a god bearing the head of a dog and the body of a man, will fend off foes with his fearsome bark and even fiercer bite!

Rolling Reels Feature

This feature triggers after any win.

This feature can trigger in base game and Free Spins.

Winning symbols are removed from the reels and the symbols above move into the empty spaces. If new winning combinations are formed, the feature triggers again.

The feature continues until no winning combinations are present on the reels.

After all win symbol collapses are complete, wins are added together, and the total win is added to the player’s balance.

Horus Blessing

Horus bestows winnings on the game. Horus reveals the precious parchment containing the prize specifics for each victory.

Horus displays prizes without win multipliers.

Anubis Multipliers

Anubis lavishes the Win Multipliers

In the base game, Anubis reveals the Win Multiplier value if there is a winning combination alongside the multiplier symbol.

During Free Spins, Anubis collects Win Multipliers to add to the Total Win Multiplier.

The multiplier symbol can appear on any reel in the base game and Free Spins.

Symbol contains a random multiplier value of 2x - 500x.

Win Multiplier symbols are not removed in the Rolling Reels feature.

The total win is multiplied by the sum of all multiplier values on the reels.

Free Spins Bonanza

Land 4 or more Scatters in the base game to trigger Free Spins, 15 Free Spins are awarded.

When the Win Multiplier symbol appears at the same time as the winning combination, the symbol value is added to the Total Win Multiplier.

The Total Win Multiplier is applied to all wins for the duration of the feature when a Win Multiplier is on the screen.

Land 3 or more Scatters in Free Spins for 5 extra spins.