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3021 The Bounty Hunter Gigablox

3021 AD is a Gigablox style game!

The game is set in the future, 1000 years from now with a Bounty Hunter character SK-1000!

The year is 3021 and Earth is no longer as we know it, civilisation has moved to underground cities to escape the harsh and toxic atmosphere left behind by several nuclear wars. Criminals, fugitives and the worst lowlifes roam at will.

They fear only one thing…the professional bounty hunters. A notorious and merciless bounty hunter named SK-1000 is on the hunt to track them down in return for a mega prize!

You can play on any of your favourite platforms!

Bonus Hunter Free Spins Bonus

The free spins are triggered by 5 or more Free Spins symbols appearing in view.

The player will start with an number of free spins determined by the amount of bonus symbols in view (1 free spin for each symbol) and a small bonus win of 5x stake will be awarded.

During the bonus, the Wild reel bonus activates more often than the base game. Any bonus symbols that land in view will award an extra spin. Any win in the free spins will trigger the Bounty Hunter SK-1000 into action with him shooting his gun and awarding a multiplier!

Wild Reel Bonus

The base game and free spins bonus have a reel bonus where the SK-1000 character can change reel symbols into wilds.

At the end of a spin, the SK-1000 character can spring into action and aim his gun onto the reels where his gun will fire, and symbols will animate into wilds to create wins