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10001 Nights Megaways

A legendary story needs a slot game to match!

10,001 Nights MegaWays brings the timeless tale of Scheherazade to the reels. The mystique of Old Arabia surrounds you as you spin.

Land Oil Lamps to fill the 4 Feature Lamp meters above the reels. Each time one lamp gets filled, a feature is unlocked.

Every spin can be the start of an epic win thanks to the game’s Chain Reaction mechanics. If fortune smiles upon you, you will discover that the game hides a secret: Destiny Spins bonus rounds.

This is a game within a game that can lead to untold riches through its 20x Global Multiplier.

Feature Lamps

At the top of the screen are 4 meters represented as Feature Lamps. Landing Oil Lamps anywhere on the reels fills the Feature Lamps with magic oil.

If a Feature Lamp is filled completely, a feature gets unlocked! Oil Lamps stop appearing after the final feature has been unlocked.

Once a feature is unlocked it will be triggered on the next spin at the same stake and may continue to trigger randomly on any future spins at that stake.

  • First Stage - 6 Oil Lamps required. Unlocks Imperial Spin feature.
  • Second Stage - 7 Oil Lamps required (13 in total). Unlocks Random Wilds feature.
  • Third Stage - 8 Oil Lamps required (21 in total). Unlocks Multi-pick feature.
  • Fourth Stage - 9 Oil Lamps required (30 in total). Unlocks Mega Wilds feature.

Imperial Spin

The Sultan has spoken!

Only high-paying symbols shall land on the reels when the Imperial Spin feature is activated! This is the first feature that gets unlocked and requires 6 Oil Lamps to trigger.

Random Wilds

Shazam! Up to 10 magical Random Wilds appear on the middle 4 reels!

This is the second feature that gets unlocked and requires 7 Oil Lamps to trigger.


Eeny, meeny, miny, moe… you are presented with 3 cards to choose from, each representing a different Win Multiplier.

The possible Multipliers are x3, x5, and x8. Pick one of the 3 cards to be rewarded with a Multiplier that will be applied to your next win!

If activated in Free Spins, the number will be added to the global multiplier.

This is the third feature that gets unlocked and requires 8 Oil Lamps to trigger.

Mega Wilds

Mega Wild symbols cover an entire reel and up to 4 can appear on the middle 4 reels. These symbols come with a Multiplier of between x2 and x7 that is applied to all ways in which the Wild participates.

This is the fourth and final feature that gets unlocked and requires 9 Oil Lamps to trigger.

Destiny Spins

If 3 Destiny Spins symbols appear anywhere on the reels, you get 8 Destiny Spins bonus rounds – you get an additional 2 Destiny Spins for each additional symbol that lands.

3 Destiny Spins symbols landing anywhere on the reels during the bonus rounds award 6 Bonus Spins, with each additional symbol increasing that amount by 1.

During Destiny Spins bonus rounds, any win that occurs will increase the global win Multiplier by up to x20, which applies to all win ways. The Multiplier resets when the bonus round ends.