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Wheel of Flames Powerplay Jackpot

Spin the wheels of flame for hot prizes in this 30-line slot. Land fiery symbols to ignite the Wheels of Flame feature, awarding you with cash prizes worth up to 500 x your total bet, respins with up to 12 random Wilds, up to 50 free games and more!

Activate Feature Bet mode to double your chances of triggering the Wheels of Flame. Win 1 of 3 Powerplay Jackpots on any spin!

Flame Symbols

On any spin, any symbol can appear as a flame symbol. If 3 or more adjacent flame symbols land on the same row, the Wheels of Flame feature is triggered.

There are 3 wheels that flame symbols can trigger: 3 Flame Symbol Wheel, 4 Flame Symbol Wheel and 5 Flame Symbol Wheel.

Wheel of Flames

The Wheels of Flame are triggered via the Flame Symbols feature.

The wheel that spins depends on the number of flame symbols that triggered the feature.

3 flame symbols trigger the smallest wheel, 4 the middle wheel and 5 the biggest wheel.

The bigger the wheel, the bigger the prizes.

The prizes awarded can be (chances are not equal in the wheel):

  • cash prizes up to x500;
  • up to 50 free games;
  • respin with up to 12 Wilds added on the reels;
  • a spin of the next-sized wheel.

Free Games

During the Wheels of Flame feature, the wheel may stop on a number.

This number shows how many free games you won. The small wheel awards 5 to 8 free games. The medium wheel awards 8 to 12 free games.

The large wheel awards 12, 24 or 50 free games. When the number of free games won is revealed, press play to begin. More free games can be won while playing your original free games.

You cannot retrigger free games after playing 500 or more free games in a single session. At the end of the feature, a pop-up window displays the total win from the feature.

Powerplay Jackpot

The Powerplay Jackpot includes Mega Powerplay Jackpot, Peak Powerplay Jackpot and Mini Powerplay Jackpot.

Any spin of any amount during the main game can trigger a jackpot. The larger your bet, the greater your chance of winning a jackpot.