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The Great Genie

Let the Genie out of the bottle in this feature-packed, 50-line slot.

As the reels spin, the Genie may greet you, granting you 1 of 6 possible on-reels features that add random Wilds to the reels, stacked symbols, giant symbols and more.

3 or more Bonus symbols trigger the Bonus Wheel; spin it to win 1 of 6 bonus features on offer, or chance it to trigger an even better feature or a cash prize.

Make A Wish On-Reels Features

During the main game, while the reels spin, the Great Genie can appear from the magic lamp and offer to pick 1 of 3 options.

Choosing one of them will be awarded with 1 of 6 on-reels feature:

Lamp Frenzy

Up to 9 wild symbols randomly appear on the reels.

Fortune Princess

Multiple stacks of Princess symbol are added to the reels as they spin. Then the Great Genie adds up to 6 Princess symbols.

Magic Carpet

As the reels spin, magic carpet flies across the reels, covering them as it shifts from left to right and back. Once carpet stops the covered area is replaced with wild or Multiplier wild symbols.

Wish For Bonus

The Great Genie adds 2 or more bonus symbols to the reels increasing the chance to trigger the Great Bonus Wheel.

Colossal Magic

A colossal 3x3 symbol appears on the reels increasing the possible winnings.

Lucky Link

The Great Genie marks the area around 2 or more adjacent reels. The symbols that appear on the marked reels become the same symbol.

Great Bonus Wheel Feature

Landing 3 or more bonus symbols anywhere on the reels triggers the Great Bonus Wheel feature:

  • 3 bonus symbols make all bonus features available on the wheel.
  • 4 bonus symbols make the top 5 bonus features available on the wheel.
  • 5 bonus symbols make the top 4 bonus features available on the wheel.

The Great Bonus Wheel appears on the screen.

Rubbing the lamp will spin the wheel and win a feature:

  • Pick A Fortune Bonus
  • Treasure Quest Bonus
  • Genie Storm Free Games
  • Gold of Arabia Free Game
  • Desert King Free Games
  • Palace of Gold Hold and Respin

Once the feature is won, the screen changes to the chance screen:

Pressing the collect button will start the feature.

Pressing the chance button allows to win the next feature on the list.

Selecting the chance will change the screen back to the wheel screen, which will only show the next feature on the list and a Mystery Cash Prize.

If the wheel stops on the Mystery Cash Prize, a cash prize is revealed, the player wins the prize and the Bonus ends.

If the wheel stops on the next feature, the screen changes to the chance screen again.

The cycle ends when:

  • The player picks collect and play the feature.
  • The wheel lands on the highest feature.
  • The wheel lands on the Mystery Cash Prize

Pick A Fortune Bonus

The bonus screen contains 16 treasure chests, each of which hides 1 of the 4 types of gems or a special symbol.

Each type of gem corresponds to a prize listed next to the picking area. Once 3 identical gems are picked, the corresponding prize from the list is awarded. Revealing the Lamp symbol upgrades all the cash prizes.

At any time, the bonus symbol can be revealed. Revealing 3 bonus symbols triggers one of the possible free games: Genie Storm, Gold Of Arabia or Desert King.

Treasure Quest Bonus

The bonus screen shows a treasure map with a board game-like track of cells. The cells are numbered in order from 1 to 30.

To play, the player needs to rub the lamp. Smoke will come out of it, showing either numbers or collect.

The Great Genie moves a number of cells along the path, increasing the reward for the bonus. If the lamp shows the word collect, the bonus ends, and the player gets the reward relative to the current position.

Some cells have a mystery sack of gems on them. Reaching this cell triggers 1 of the following:

Upgrades all cells from that point onwards.

The Great Genie moves a few cells forward.

  • When the player reaches the Palace, there are 3 treasure chests to pick up, containing:
  • A multiplier that increases the total winnings.
  • A cash prize.
  • A retrigger of the Great Bonus Wheel with 4 highest bonus features available on the wheel

Genie Storm Free Games

When the Genie Storm Free Games feature begins, 6 free games are triggered.

During Free Games, a Genie Stacked WILD symbol locks on reel 5 and shifts 1 position to the left for each spin, increasing the total win multiplier by +1, until it exits the reels.

When the Genie Stacked WILD symbol leaves the reels, there is one more spin with the highest multiplier.

Gold of Arabia Free Games

When the Gold of Arabia Free Games feature begins, 8 free games are triggered.

Simultaneously landing any number of Genie and Coin symbols anywhere on the reels during Free Games collects all coin symbols in view.

There are 2 coin symbols in the game:

  • The symbol with cash value on it is the Cash Coins symbol. For example, 5.00 symbol. The cash prizes are depended to the player's total bet.
  • The symbol with the +(number) on it is the Free Games symbol. For example, +5 symbol. Collecting these symbols awards more free games.

The Genie symbol locks on the reels and shifts 1 position to the left for each spin until it exists the reels.

More than 1 Genie symbol can be on the reels at a time.

Each Genie symbol will collect all coins on the screen.

Wild symbols are stacked during the feature.

Desert King Free Games

When the Desert King Free Games feature begins, 10 free games are triggered.

During Free Games, the Genie symbol will appear in the middle of the reels as a Locked wild.

The win multiplier starts at x2 and increases by +1 on every 2nd spin.

Palace of Gold Hold and Respin

The feature screen shows a 5x5 grid. The game starts with 3 spins and 5 random coins.

Any coin symbol that started the feature and the prizes that appeared on them lock in position during the feature.

3 respins are awarded. Each unlocked symbol position will spin independently.

After each respin, if there is 1 or more new coin symbol, it will lock in place, and the number of spins remaining will be reset to 3.

There are 4 power-up symbols:

  • Princess - accumulates up to 10 prizes.
  • King - boosts other prizes up to 10 times.
  • Genie - awards an extra life increasing the spin counter to 4.
  • The Lamp - awards a special prize of 50x, 75x or 100x total bet.

Filling the grid awards the Grand prize of 2000x total bet.

All prizes are awarded once after all respins have been completed, or the grid is filled with coin symbols. The Genie may appear at the end of the feature for a mystery reward.