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Sticky Bandits Roulette Live

In a little town, right on the edge of the wildest parts of the old west, sits the Three Skulls Saloon, the notorious hideout of the legendary Sticky Bandits.

If you step foot inside, you’d better have eyes in the back of your head and your hand ready at your hip because this is Bandit Town and they know exactly who you are and what you’ve come to do!

Key Features

Classic Roulette

A live game show presenter will spin the ball in a classically styled European Roulette Wheel.

Bandit Numbers

Every game round, three Bandit numbers are generated along with one lucky number.

At the start of the round, three numbers are chosen at random and will be outlined by a Bandit’s colour.

Placing a winning bet on one of the Bandit Numbers will award you entrance to the Bandit Bonus game.

Bandit Bonus Game

You can increase your winning multipliers by playing a 3x3 multiplier collect classic slot, the Diamond Duke.

Any bandit symbol that appears on the reels will become sticky, reset your spins to 3 and remain in place to potentially create Blood Lines.

Bandit Bet

You can pay 7x your bet to start the bonus game with a qualifying bet of 1x if there is a winning Bandit number.