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Space Hunter: Shoot for Cash

Hunt for cash by blasting the spaceships soaring through space in this innovative, action-packed shoot ‘em up casino game.

The larger the ship, the higher the payout; take down the giant golden Jackpot Ship to win 5000 x your shot base cost.

Supernovas incinerate multiple objects in their radius for explosive payouts, while the Free Shots vortex awards up to 100 free shots with upgraded Power bullets for stellar prizes!

Supernova Feature

When the Supernova symbol is destroyed, it explodes and destroys all ships in its affected area!

Free Spins Feature

The Free Shots feature is triggered when a special free shots symbol is destroyed. Here, you will be awarded 1 of 3 modes:

  • Power level 2 with 100 shots
  • Power level 5 with 40 shots
  • Power level 10 with 20 shots

When the Free Shot mode is awarded, the gun changes to the Free Shot gun, and bullets change to Free Shot bullets.

All bullets are upgraded according to the power level, with 10 being the most powerful.