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Shrine of Anubus Gold Hit

Anubis awards adventurers with ancient treasure in this 4608-ways slot.

Lock cash prizes and Scarab coins on a reel to trigger the Gold Hit feature – fill that reel with cash before the countdown reaches 0 to win that reel’s prizes. Collect symbols rake in prizes without needing to fill the reel, while each scarab awards the Mega, Major, Minor or Minor prize.

Fill a reel with prizes in Free Games to spin the multiplier wheel and boost all prizes on that reel!

Gold Hit Feature

The Gold Hit feature appears in the main game. When a Coin symbol lands on the reels, it locks in position. A counter appears below the reel the Coin symbol lands on.

It starts at 3 and decreases by 1 each subsequent spin. If more Coin symbols land on the same reel, they also lock in position, and the counter resets to 3.

Filling a reel with Coin symbols awards the prizes on each coin symbol on that reel. On the next spin, locked Coin symbols spin off that reel. Cash Prize Coin symbols award a cash prize equal to their value when collected.

Collect Coins gain a value equal to the sum of all coins locked on the same reel.

When a Collect Coin lands on the same reel with a locked Red Scarab Coin, it reveals the Red

Scarab Coin’s value after the reel is filled.

If there is a Red Scarab Coin symbol on a filled reel, then 1 of 4 prizes is awarded: Mini, Minor, Major or Mega.

  • Mega prize value = total bet x 500
  • Major prize value = total bet x 200
  • Minor prize value = total bet x 50
  • Mini prize value = total bet x 20

Each prize is a fixed amount based on the bet value.

The prize is chosen at random.

Multiple Red Scarab Coin symbols can land on the reels simultaneously.

If you do not fill a reel with Coin symbols by the time the counter reaches 0, the Coin symbols locked on that reel spin off the reels on the next spin.

Free Games

Whenever 3 to 5 Bonus symbols land anywhere on separate reels during the main game, the Free Games feature is triggered.

The more Bonus symbols that trigger the Free Games feature, the more free games are won:

  • 3 Bonus symbols trigger 10 free games
  • 4 Bonus symbols trigger 12 free games
  • 5 Bonus symbols trigger 15 free games

When the feature is triggered, any Coin symbols in view are removed from the reels with the first spin.

During Free Games, Coin symbols lock in position as soon as they land and remain locked throughout the feature.

There is no counter beneath each reel. When a reel is filled with Coin symbols, a wheel displaying several win multiplier values appears on the screen. The multiplier wheel spins and lands on a value of up to ×10. That value is then applied to the prize on each Coin symbol locked to that reel.