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Rogues Draw

It’s time to lay the cards on the table in this unique, 12-card game.

When a Bandit card covers any prize card, you win, it’s really that simple. Cover a silver card to win up to 10 Free Games with 16 spaces to land wins on; cover more silver cards during Free Games for a retrigger.

If a Bandit covers a gold card, that’s when things get tense – you’ll win the Minor, Major or Grand prize, worth 20x, 100x or even 500x!

Gold Card Feature

When a Bandit Card lands in the same position as a Gold Card, the Gold Card Feature is triggered. An animation reveals a Minor, Major or Grand card.

This cash prize is then awarded. Th#e Gold Card Feature can be triggered more than once in a single 'spin'.

The Gold Card Feature and the Free Games Feature can be triggered on the same 'spin'.

Free Games Feature

When a Bandit Card lands in the same position as a Silver Card, the Free Games Feature is triggered.

The triggering Silver Card can award 3, 5, 8 or 10 Free Games. If there is more than one activated Silver Card, the revealed Free Games awarded will be added together.

During Free Games, each 'spin' is played with 16 card positions (reels), arranged in 4 columns with 4 cards each.

Additional Free Games can be awarded during the Free Games. The Gold Card Feature can be triggered inside the Free Games Feature.