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Mayan Blocks Power Play JP

Muster the might of the Mayans for mega wins in this collapsing-reels, cluster-win slot! Each cluster increases the win multiplier by 1 and triggers a collapse. Build big wins with big symbols, or watch wilds appear on random positions for new potential wins. The win multiplier only increases in Free Games; on the final spin, the win multiplier boosts up to ×20! You can play on any of your favourite platforms!

Mega Symbols

Every symbol in the game, except for Wild, Bonus, and Retrigger symbols, can appear as 2×2, or 3×3 Mega symbols. Mega symbols are calculated as the following: A 2×2 Mega symbol counts as 4 adjacent symbols of a kind. A 3×3 Mega symbol counts as 9 adjacent symbols of a kind, which forms a cluster win.

Collapsing Reels

Any win triggers the collapsing reels feature. Winning symbols disappear after they pay out, causing non-winning symbols above them to drop and new symbols to fall from above. The reels will continue to collapse until no new winning combinations are formed. Symbols disappear in the order of their value. Low-win symbols disappear first, then the high-win symbols disappear.

Mystery Random Wild Symbols

Mystery Random Wild symbols spread on the reels after all wins are calculated, and the reels stop collapsing. The Mystery Random Wild feature can potentially form more additional wins, triggering more collapses.

Win Multiplier

Each win is multiplied by the win multiplier. Each win increases the win multiplier by +X1. The win multiplier resets to ×1 when no new wins are formed in the main game, and the reels stop collapsing.

Free Games and Multiplier Boost Spin

When 4 or more Bonus symbols simultaneously appear anywhere on the reels, 8 free games are triggered. Mega symbols and Mystery Random Wild symbols can appear during Free Games. During Free Games, the win multiplier does not reset between spins and can only grow. The Multiplier Boost Spin is triggered on the last Free Games spin. During the Multiplier Boost Spin, the win multiplier can be boosted to a random win multiplier up to ×20.

Powerplay Jackpot

The Powerplay Jackpot includes: Mega Powerplay Jackpot, Peak Powerplay Jackpot and Mini Powerplay Jackpot. Any spin of any amount during the main game can trigger a jackpot. The larger your bet, the greater your chance of winning a jackpot!