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Kraken Spins

Come up against the Kraken’s tentacles and make away with a treasure chest!

Test your chances as you unveil the mysteries beneath the ocean. Unlock bonuses behind closed doors and stand a chance to win 200 times your bet! Tame the Kraken and unlock the Kraken Spins feature which holds in store even more prizes.

Make the most of the hands you get dealt as you conquer the beasts beneath the ocean in Kraken Spins!

Kraken Spins Feature

The Kraken Spins Feature is triggered when any one reel contains 5 of the same symbols.

When this feature is triggered, three spins are awarded. On each spin, the reels will rotate 90 degrees clockwise.

If a triggering symbol lands during the Kraken Spins feature, the number of spins remaining is reset to 3.

All triggering symbols – both the ones that triggered the Kraken Spins feature and the symbols that reset the number of remaining spins – will stick to the reels for the remainder of the Kraken Spins feature.

The Kraken Spins feature will end when the spins remaining counter reaches 0 or when the full reels bonus is awarded – whichever occurs first.

Wild Respins

The Wild Respins feature is triggered when 1 or more Coin symbols land in the same spin as a Ship symbol.

The amount of Wild Respins awarded is equal to the amount of Coin symbols in the spin that triggered the Wild Respins.

Symbols that can land during Wild Respins are the Treasure Chest symbol and the Plus One symbol.

The Treasure Chest symbol does not count towards the amount of Wild Respins. All Treasure Chest symbols that land will stick and will remain for the remainder of the Wild Respins feature.

During the Wild Respins, when a Treasure Chest symbol lands on another Treasure Chest symbol, a x2 multiplier will appear on that Treasure Chest symbol. The multiplier increases by x1 every time an additional Treasure Chest symbol lands in that position.

If a Plus One symbol lands during the Wild Respins feature, it will award an extra Wild Respin. The Wild Respins feature ends when the respins counter reaches 0 or when the Full Reels Bonus feature is awarded – whichever occurs first.

Full Reels Bonus

The Full Reels Bonus is awarded when all 25 positions are filled with the same symbol.

The Full Reels Bonus feature can be awarded in the base game, during the Wild Respins feature, or during the Kraken Spins feature.

The Full Reels Bonus feature offers a 200x bet payout.