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Jacks or Better Classic

Play an ultra-streamlined ultra-popular poker flavour where just a pair of jacks pays!

Draw 5 cards to form one of several winning poker hands to win up to 4000x your bet.

Want to go double or nothing on your wins? Gamble them in the classic side game to do just that.

And remember, you can hold and change cards of your choice. So how about it, can you get jacks or better?

Placing Bets

The player can select the coin size and then bet to the maximum of 5 coins. Selecting Bet One adds an extra coin to the player’s bet. Selecting Bet Max increases the bet to the maximum (5 coins).

The latest win is highlighted on the paytable on the top of the screen. The player can change the number of coins by clicking within the paytable.

Double Side Game

If the player wins, they can collect their win by clicking Collect, or they can double up some or all of their win via the Double side game round.

The object of the Double side game is to pick a higher card than the dealer.

If the player chooses Double To or Double Half To, the dealer draws 5 new cards.

The leftmost one is dealt face up and the rest are dealt face down. The player then chooses 1 of the 4 face-down cards.

If the chosen card turns out to be lower than the dealer's, the original win is lost if Double To was selected (or just half the original win if Double Half To was selected).

If the cards are equal, it is a tie and the player has the option to collect the original winnings or double again.

If the chosen card is higher than the dealer’s, the player wins double the original win amount if Double To was selected (or a payout equal to the original win amount if Double Half To was selected).

Tapping Collect takes the player to the main game and collects the accumulated winnings.

Double Up Limit

If ending up with a winning hand, the player can double up until the current winning amount exceeds the Double Up limit.

Dynamic Paytable

The winnings of the current game round are displayed in the dynamic paytable. The dynamic paytable highlights a specific winning combination.