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Fish! Shoot for cash

Hunt for cash by shooting the different targets swimming around in this innovative, action-packed shoot ‘em up casino game.

The larger the target, the higher the payout; take down the large Mermaid to win 888x your shot base cost.

The underwater Bomb explode multiple objects in the blast radius for amazing payouts. The Cash Bubble awards random large prizes.

The Bonus Chests awards up to 100 Free Shots with upgraded Power Weapons for awesome wins! 

Bomb Mega Explosion

When the player wins the bomb symbol, it randomly explodes multiple objects around it. The Bomb symbol appears randomly on the screen.

Free Shots Feature

The Free Shots feature is triggered when one of the Bonus Chest symbols is won, revealing a combination of free shots and power weapon chosen at random:

  • Small Bonus Chest: 100 shots with 2x power, 50 shots with 4x power
  • Medium Bonus Chest: 100 shots with 4x power, 80 shots with 5x power
  • 40 shots with 10x power
  • Large Bonus Chest: 100 shots with 5x power, 50 shots with 10x power

The Power Weapon’s shots have higher probability of winning prizes.

When the feature is over, a pop-up message is shown, and the game returns to regular gameplay.

Cash Bubble

At any time, the Clown Fish or Turtle symbol may spawn with a bubble around it. When the bubble is burst a random win multiplier will multiply that symbol’s typical win payout.

The multiplier values are:

  • Turtle: from 100x to 500x
  • Clown Fish: from 30x to 200x