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FashionTV Mega Party

Step into the spotlight and immerse yourself in the excitement of FashionTV Mega Party Live!

This extraordinary game show marks a groundbreaking collaboration between FashionTV Gaming Group and Playtech Live, seamlessly blending the worlds of fashion and gaming. It stands as the first-ever operator exclusive branded game show, bringing the iconic FashionTV Club experience to life in an innovative new format.

At the heart of the game is a glamorous fortune wheel, brimming with both cash prizes and captivating features.

As the wheel spins, players have the chance to activate one of the thrilling bonus games: Lucky DJ, Dance Floor, or the dazzling Laser Show. And if fortune is truly in their favour, they might even unlock the Mega Party event, where wins can soar up to an impressive x1,000 multiplier!

Lucky DJ

Upon triggering this mini game, three turntable decks materialise on the game screen. Each deck displays a range of Multipliers from x5 to x80. Selecting the third turntable deck, which offers the highest potential maximum Multiplier value, could yield a higher payout at the round’s conclusion. However, it could also result in a lower Multiplier compared to choosing the first deck with a smaller Multiplier range.

Players choose their preferred deck, and after the turntables spin, they receive a random Multiplier from their selected turntable.

Laser Show

A disco ball featuring eight rows of tiles appears. In this mini game, players navigate through the tile rows, from top to bottom. All players follow the same path, always moving to the nearest tile below their current tile, either to the left or right side.

The game randomly determines the path, which is indicated by arrows. Certain tiles on rows six and seven offer special boosts: the blue tile on row six doubles the Multipliers on the bottom row; the yellow tile on the row seven awards the player the Multipliers on both tiles directly beneath it on row eight. The Multipliers are then combined.

Dance Floor

A diamond-shaped dance floor with 13 tiles appears, each tile contains a Multiplier ranging from x5 to x120. The tiles rotate, shuffle, and randomly reposition. After shuffling, Multipliers are randomly reassigned to the tiles. Players must now select a tile to secure a Multiplier!

Mega Party Event

Occasionally, at random, after the regular betting time concludes, a special Mega Party event is announced for one game round.

During this moment, all bet positions receive a thrilling Multiplier boost, with the potential to reach an impressive x1,000.

Keep your eyes on the wheel, because every round carries a 12% chance of this exhilarating Mega Party event!