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Diamond Match

Get dazzled by the sparkling glitter of diamonds in this 40-line slot!

Match shiny Diamond Match symbols on the bottom reel with prize symbols on the top reel, and pocket all the rewards.

Keep spinning to trigger Free Games, where Diamond Match symbols get shifted to reel 5 by the Red and Green Arrow symbols, boosting your chances of forming great wins.

With luck on your side, the Diamond Match feature might be triggered to bring you a whole slew of awards.

Dig for diamonds and win 1 of 4 Diamond Prizes!


There are two reels in the game. The main is the bottom reel and the special reel is located at the top. Diamond Match symbols can only land on the bottom reels.

Prize, Green Arrow, and Red Arrow symbols can only land on the top reels. Some positions on the top reels may be blank.

The Diamond Match symbol collects all prize and arrow symbols that land on the top reels on the same grid as the Diamond Match symbol on the bottom reels. Each symbol position of the special reel spins independently.

Diamond Match Feature

The Diamond Match Feature is triggered by landing a Diamond Match symbol anywhere on the bottom reels during the main game, and a prize symbol on an identical grid on the top reels on the same spin.

There are 3 prize symbols in the game:

  • The symbol with the cash value on it is the Cash Prize symbol. For example, a 3.00 symbol. The cash prizes depend on the player's total bet.
  • The symbol with the +(number) on it is the Free Games symbol. For example, a +3 symbol.
  • The symbol with the diamond on it is the Diamond symbol.

Each instance of a prize symbol awards you a cash prize, a number of free games, or one of the Diamond Prizes with up to a x5 multiplier accordingly.

Diamond Match Free Games Feature

During the main game, when 1 or more Diamond Match symbols on the bottom reels match with a Free Games prize symbol on the top reels, the Diamond Match Free Games feature is triggered.

Each Free Games prize symbol that lands and matches with a Diamond Match symbol on the bottom reels awards the number of free games shown on it.

If 2 or more Free Games prize symbols match with the Diamond Match symbols, the total number of free games won equals the sum of all numbers on the matching Free Games prize symbol. Each Diamond Match symbol that lands on the reels during the feature, shifts one position to the left on every spin until it exits the reels.

During the Diamond Match Free Games feature, symbols with the green and red arrows can land on the top reels:

  • When the Diamond Match symbol collects the Green Arrow symbol, it moves that Diamond Match all the way to reel 5 on the next spin.
  • Upon landing anywhere on the top reels, the Red Arrow symbol shifts all the Diamond Match symbols on that reel to reel 5.

Mega Match Feature

The Mega Match feature can be triggered randomly on any spin during the main game and Free Games.

During the feature, the entire top reel is filled with prize symbols.

After all positions on the top reels are filled, the bottom reels stop one by one, and prizes are collected if any Diamond Match symbols land on the main reels.

Diamond Match Prizes

Diamond Prizes can be won during the Diamond Match and Diamond Match Free Games features.

When one of the Diamond symbols lands on the same grid on the top reels as the Diamond Match symbol on the bottom reels, one of 4 Diamond Prizes is awarded.

There are 4 types of prizes that can be won: Grand, Major, Minor and Mini.

The awarded prize is selected randomly.

Each prize is a fixed amount based on the bet value and can be won multiple times:

  • The Grand prize value = total bet x 500
  • The Major prize value = total bet x100
  • The Minor prize value = total bet x25
  • The Mini prize value = total bet x10