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Cheltenham Festival

Virtual! Horse Racing At Cheltenham Festival introduces players to the roar and extraordinary jump racing experience of the world famous racecourse venue.

A fully customised and officially licensed Jockey Club brand aligned environment, reflecting the Festival’s famous major real life championship races, players can pick their favourite runners, select their desired bets and trigger the race whenever they wish.

Throw yourself into the cast of the very best horses, jockeys, and tipsters as you experience the true meaning of Cheltenham!

How to Play

Players can select how much they want to wager on a bet by clicking on any of the six chips on display. These chips act as multipliers to the player’s stake and exist in multiples of 0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25. The lowest or base cost is 0.1 (10p).

Players can wager what order the runners will finish the race (Forecast and Tricast). Tipster predictions also exist for this feature.

Players can select special bets to wager on. Bets such as the winner being an Odd or Even number or the Tipster’s favourite not finishing top three can be wagered on.

Players can also wager on the sum of the first two runner numbers to finish equalling 7 (called Any 7) or the sum of the first two competitor numbers to equal 9 (called Baccarat).

Players can view the rating of each runner and their predicted positions, as well as the win returns.

Players can select and combine multiple bets on multiple horses to win. Bets such as Win, Place, Show, and Each Way.

Players have access to a betting cart located at the top-right corner of the lobby screen to enable them screen through and edit already selected bets.

Players can skip the race while in play and head straight to the results display.