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Cash Collect Roulette

Collect crazy-big prizes in this spin on the classic game of roulette.

Up to 18 numbers can light up at any point during a spin to trigger the Cash Collect Bonus; spin on the bonus table to land Cash Collect symbols, each collecting keys to unlock more positions to land prizes on, as well as cash prizes, win multipliers, or even the Mini, Minor or Grand for huge wins!


The objective of Cash Collect Roulette is to predict where the ball will land before spinning the wheel.

The player can place bets on individual numbers, number ranges, the colours red or black, even or odd numbers, and on various special number combinations.

The Roulette wheel has 37 numbered slots, from 0 to 36, each of which can be bet on. The wheel is spun in 1 direction and a ball is spun in the wheel in the opposite direction. The ball will land in 1 of the numbered slots. If the player bets on the numbered slot the ball have landed in, they will win a payout.

The player can place as many different bets of as many different values as they like each game, provided that the potential winnings from the total bet do not exceed the maximum payout for a single game and that they have enough money in their account.

On any spin, up to 5 random Lucky Numbers will be chosen at random and mark them in a special colour. If the ball lands on a number in a special colour, and the player bet on that number (any of the inside bets), the Cash Collect™ Bonus will be triggered.

During the Cash Collect™ Bonus, the straight bet is taking the full bet (1) to the bonus round, a split bet taking half the bet (1/2) to the bonus round, street bet taking one third of the bet (1/3) to the bonus round, corner bet taking one fourth of the bet (1/4) to the bonus round, line bet taking one sixth of the bet (1/6) to the bonus round.

The Cash Collect™ Bonus contains 3 types of prizes: the Cash Prize, the Bonus Prize, the Cash Collect™ Prize (which may award you one of the special prizes Minor/Major/Grand). The Minor is X50 of the bonus bet, the Major is X200, and the Grand is X500.