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Bee Frenzy: Thundershots

The reels are buzzing with prizes!

Be buzzed by the frenzy of this 10-line slot!

Bee symbols swarm the reels and award cash prizes worth up to 1000X your total bet when collected by the Beekeeper in Free Games!

Get busy and spin the Thundershots Wheel for cash prizes, or Free Games with win multipliers to really generate a buzz!

Bonus Features

There are some buzzing bonus features to enjoy!

Free Spins Feature

The Free Spins Feature is triggered when 3 or more Free Spins symbols appear in view.

  • 3 Free Spins symbols in view award 10 Free Spins.
  • 4 Free Spins symbols in view award 15 Free Spins.
  • 5 Free Spins symbols in view award 20 Free Spins.

During Free Spins, a Beekeeper symbol is added to the reels, and the multiplier values on the Bee symbols become active.

If a Beekeeper and Bee symbol land anywhere on the reels simultaneously, it triggers a Bee Frenzy, and a cash prize from each Bee worth the total bet multiplied by the value shown is awarded!

If more than 1 Beekeeper symbol appears in view, every Beekeeper will collect a cash prize from the Bees!

If a Beekeeper appears in view with the Thundershots Bee, 5 Thundershots are awarded!

Which leads us onto…

Thundershots Feature

As soon as the Free Spins Feature is over, any Thundershots that have been awarded will then be played on the Thundershots Wheel.

Each Thundershot, the wheel will spin and land on 1 of the following:

  • Blank - Awards nothing.
  • Cash – Awards a cash prize of up to 60025.5x your stake.
  • Additional Shots – Awards extra Thundershots.
  • Feature – Awards 20 Free Spins. Subsequently landing on “Feature” again awards +1 to the feature multiplier.