• Viva Las Vegas

    Can you picture yourself in Vegas, partying, relaxing and taking on the most famous poker players on the globe? Well now is your chance!

  • Round 2 Betfred Super League Missions

    Round 2 of The All New Betfred Super league missions starts 6th March with £1k still up for grabs each week!

  • €50,000 Path to the Holy Grail

    “What is your quest?” From the 27/02/17 to the 02/04/17 play in Betfred's €50,000 path to the Holy Grail.

  • Camelot Quests Missions

    Join us round the table and become the new King Arthur in our new “Camelot Quests Missions!”

  • £10 for new players!

    Make your first deposit of £5 into Betfred Poker and receive your £10 welcome package instantly!

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March Promotions!

Betfred Poker - Camelot Quests

Camelot Quests Missions

Join us round the table and become the new King Arthur in our new “Camelot Quests Missions!”!

Betfred Poker - Camelot Quests

Path to the Holy Grail

“What is your quest?” well…from the 27/02/17 to the 02/04/17 head down the €50,000 path to the Holy Grail!


Welcome to Betfred Poker – where thousands of players compete to win real money, across a variety of their favourite poker games.

Real players
Fast and smooth gameplay
Secure environment

You can outsmart the entire field in a freeroll tournament. Or pull up a virtual chair at one of our Sit & Go tournaments or cash tables, and put your short-game strategies to the test.

There’s always a suitable game type to choose from - depending on how you’re feeling, how much time you have, and how much you’re willing to put on the line.

Winning is never guaranteed. But you can rest assured that you’ll be playing real poker, against real people, in a fully regulated, fair, and secure environment.

It’s free to join.

And if your first deposit is at least £5.00, we’ll give you an extra £10.00 to get going … so you’ve technically tripled-up before you’ve even started.

Play online poker with Betfred

When you click download now, the setup wizard automatically downloads onto your machine.

It’s completely secure (and free). It only takes minutes to install. And there are no hidden add-ons or anything like that to worry about.

Once installed, you just need to log into your account, select a game, and start playing cards.

New to Betfred Poker?

It’s free to register and takes less than a minute. You can create a free account and start playing right away.


Super Leagues

Super Leagues - Betfred Poker

Take part in any of the leagues applicable to you from as little as £1.10 to win a place in the huge £500 Super Leagues Grand Final on top of the fantastic monthly league prizes!


Beat the Manager

Betfred Poker - Beat the Manager

Now including a rollover, should the manager grab the victory, the unclaimed prize pot would then stand at £500 the next week and so on until the huge amount is claimed!


Things for a Fiver

Things for a Fiver

There’s an array of prizes to be won ranging from boy’s toys and tablets to designer watches and sunglasses! All this for just a fiver!


2k Casino Club

2k Casino Club

ALL NEW £2k Casino Club is HERE! Find out what this weeks selected slots are!

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